STOL RC model airplanes with retractable slats


TaylorStol / Piper Superstol "Short Take-Off and Landing".

STOL, short for "Short Take-Off and Landing," describes the ability of an aircraft to take off and land over very short distances. However, it does not refer to the ability of helicopters and vertical take-off and landing aircraft to take off or land vertically, which is referred to as VTOL (vertical take-off and landing).

Takeoff distance is measured by determining the distance required for a stationary aircraft to approach and clear a 15-meter-high obstacle (equivalent to the height of a five-story house) in no wind and at maximum takeoff weight.

The TaylorStol BC12 and Piper Superstol are equipped with fully functional slats that can be extended via remote control (RC)!

Our specially designed "Universal STOL" wings feature extra large flaps and also remote controlled slats. This combination allows the "Super" model to fly slowly while still remaining 100% controllable. The aircraft responds precisely in all phases of flight and is extremely agile.

Extending the slats in combination with the flaps slows the speed to pedestrian pace while still keeping the model controllable.

When both systems are retracted, the model lowers the nose and accelerates.

These features make the TaylorStol and Piper Superstol "super" models for short takeoff and landing while providing precise control throughout flight