Model railroad track kits

individually for SPUR Z, SPUR N & SPUR H0 model railroads

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of model railroad construction, where every track cut, every train and every detail tells its own story.

Our range is as diverse as your imagination. Start with our modular kits, which give you the freedom to create your own world. You are the conductor who determines the path of the tracks. And we offer the best tools for the job: the Trasskit Unitrass Universal Tracks, which make building your layout as easy as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and the Trasskit Track Kits, which enable you to create customized tracks that meet your individual needs.

But a model railroad is more than just tracks. It is a whole world, and that world needs landscapes, track spiral, bridges and buildings. Create realistic environments with our high-quality landscape material.

Use our track spiral systems to overcome height differences in a space-saving way. Our bridges connect not only rails but also dreams, while our detailed buildings bring your miniature worlds to life.

Our service extends beyond construction. We offer professional track plan refurbishment to optimize your layout, as well as laser cut fabrication and plotting services for the finest details and custom elements. Whether you need enlargements or reductions, we can adapt to your needs. Our CAD service allows you to turn your ideas into precise plans, while our OEM productions give you the opportunity to get customized products according to your wishes and sell them to your customers.