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Scaling of model kits

We get almost daily requests in this area. Enlargements or reductions are usually possible with almost every plan / kit. We scale our data in CAD and adjust material thicknesses where possible.

For enlargements, we switch from balsa wood to IBRACO / poplar above a certain factor and vice versa for reductions from plywood to balsa.

Usually you can also tell us material wishes before we start our work.

How does such a project proceed ?

- You determine the scale
- We check our, or your delivered data
- We draw the parts in modern CAD systems
- Then we carry out the desired scaling digitally
- Afterwards we divide the "new" components to our production dimensions in order to be able to cut them.
- The production can now begin

Important information:

With each scaling, the following things generally change, it does not matter whether we enlarge or reduce.

- All cut-outs in ribs and frames will be proportionally larger/smaller.
- Material thicknesses are not always scalable as well
- Parts have to be strengthened from a certain enlargement factor onwards
- Some parts become templates
- With strong enlargements the "statics" is to be considered by the customer

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