Rhönbussard fun-modellbau
Rhönbussard fun-modellbau
Lozenge Bespannungen für Modellflugzeuge
Lozenge Bespannungen für Modellflugzeuge
Antonov AN2 fun-modellbau
Antonov AN2 fun-modellbau
Piper Superstol fun-modellbau
Piper Superstol fun-modellbau
Taylor Stol fun-modellbau
Taylor Stol fun-modellbau

Fun-Modellbau - Lasercut wood shortkits for RC model airplanes and ships, Geartech Retracts, plus scale Parts

Experience real modelbuilding with fun-modellbau

Welcome to one of the leading manufacturers and specialist dealers for wooden construction kits and scale model building in Germany and Europe. With 20 years of experience and our own production, Made in Germany, we are proud to make real model building worth experiencing.

fun-modellbau was founded in 2004 and since then has been fully committed to classic as well as SCALE MODEL BUILDING. Our models and the carefully selected accessories make the hearts of model builders beat faster.
beat faster.

A wide selection for every modeler, build your next Airplane with a fun-modellbau shortkit

Our journey began with a handful of kits, but over time we have been able to expand our range considerably. Today, we proudly offer over 650 different wooden construction kits in scales from 1/6 to 1/2. We place special emphasis on quality and precision. We manufacture our construction kits on our own laser-cut machines to ensure that every part fits perfectly

and the assembly becomes a pleasure. Under the menu item "LASERCUT" we are happy to give you an insight into part of our own production. In addition, we also offer laser cutting as a service.

Proud partnerships grown in 20 years

We are proud to maintain partnerships with prestigious names such as BALSA USA, NICK ZIROLI PLANS, HOSTETLER PLANS, Jerry Bates, DON Smith and Vailly Aviation. These partnerships allow us to offer you top-notch products and plans that will take your modeling projects to the next level.

Thank you for your interest in fun-modellbau. We invite you to explore our website and be inspired by our passion for model building.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Experience model building at its best with fun-modellbau!

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Fun modellbau - Our modelbuilder world




RC-Airplane kits

Scale lasercut shortkits of models from
different areas:

Civil aviation
Goldenage / Reno-Airrace



RC-ship kits

Boat model kits from
different areas:

Sailing yachts
Harbour ships
ocean-going freighters / tankers
Racing boats



Model railroad route kits

Model railroad route kits
and accessories:

Trasskit terrain
Trasskit terrain modules
Trasskit Unitrass
Trasskit bridges



Balsa and plywood

Modeling materials for
many fields:

Balsa boards
Balsa strips
Pine slats
Birch plywood
IBRACO plywood




Accessories for scale model cockpits
in scale 1/5 and 1/4, 1/3

Cockpit panels
Control sticks




Model pilot figures in the
different scales 1/5 to 1/3

Glider pilots
Civil pilots
WWI pilots
WWII pilots
Jet pilots



Our models on film - a small cross-section...

Taylorcraft BC 12 STOL

STOL-Model with working slats


Baby Ace Hochdecker

Baby Ace Hochdecker mit H80 Sternmotor


Stinson Reliant SR10

Reliant SR 10 Erstflug mit P&W 200 ccm


Einlaufphase P&W 200

Scale-Sternmotor P&W


Spirit of St Louis

Gewinner: DMAX die Modellbauer 2015 das Duell


Antonov AN2

Antonov AN2 - with Moki


Opel Rak 1

im Test in der Flug-Modell


Horten - HIII

Horten H III erster Eigenstart


Taylorcraft BC 12 STOL schleppt Minimoa

Sunset-Schlepp der Minimoa


Albatros DVA 1/4

Rundgang um das Modell vor dem Erstflug