Antonov AN2 Colt the largest civil biplane in the world

We manufacture the model in 2 sizes (2400 & 3160 mm)

The Antonov AN-2 "Colt" - The King of STOL Biplanes

The Antonov An-2, known by its NATO code name "Colt", is a true aviation masterpiece. With an impressive wingspan of 18.175 meters, it is the largest single-engine biplane still in active service. Originally developed in the USSR after World War II, the An-2 established itself as an extremely versatile STOL multi-role aircraft and is still valued in both civil and military applications. Its imposing wing area allows for slow flight and extremely short takeoff and landing distances, while its rugged landing gear enables takeoffs and landings on unpaved surfaces.

Our exclusive scale kit is the only offering on the market that has been constructed in an elaborate 3D CAD/CAM manner. It consists of high-quality wood parts, including fuselage formers, ribs, struts, wingtips and other aerospace plywood, as well as lightweight, select balsa. All parts are precisely laser cut and ready for immediate use.

This model is aimed at experienced modelers and does not have detailed building instructions. The challenge is in the construction, and you will be impressed with the results:

    The slipway is seamlessly integrated into the wings.
    Fuselage construction is half-shell, with laser-cut stringers giving the fuselage a solid shape.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Antonov An-2 "Colt" and build your own masterpiece that pays impressive tribute to the legend of aviation